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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 2 Father and Son

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default The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 2 Father and Son

Post by sandra on Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:40 pm

Chapter 2 Father and Son
Dantes turned into a narrow street and went into a small house.
'My dear Edmond,' cried his father. 'My boy, my son! You
are here in Marseilles! Tell me all your news.'
'I have some sad news. The good Captain Leclerc is dead. But
I am now captain of the Pharaoh! Just think! I am only twenty
years old and the captain of a great ship. I will earn good money.
I can buy you a new house. What is the matter, father? Aren't
you well?'
'It is nothing,' his father said.
'You need food and a drink. Where will I find food and drink
for you?'
'There is nothing in the house,' answered the old man. 'But I
don't need anything, because you are here.'
'When I left, three months ago, I gave you plenty of money,'
Dantes said.
'Yes. But I paid some money back to our friend Caderousse.
He asked me for it.'
'But you gave Caderousse more than half of the money! Why
did you do that? Here, father, take this and send for some food.'
Edmond put all his money on the table.
'No, no,' said the old man. 'I don't need all that money. But
here comes Caderousse. He knows that you are home. He wants
to welcome you.'
'Hello! You have returned, Edmond ?' Caderousse said.
'Yes, neighbour,' replied Dantes. He tried to hide his real
feelings. 'I am ready to help you in any way.'
'You are rich now,' said Caderousse, looking hungrily at the
money on the table.
'Oh that,' said Dantes. 'That is my father's money. But of
course, you are our neighbour. If you want money, we will lend it
to you.'
'Thank you, but I don't need anything. I met my friend
Danglars. So I heard that you were here. I wanted to see you.'
'Good Caderousse!' said the old man. 'He is a great friend
to us.'
There was an ugly look on Caderousse's face. 'Well, Morrel is
pleased with you,' he said. 'Are you hoping to be the next captain
of the Pharaoh?'
'Yes. I believe that I will be the next captain. But, dear father, I
must leave you. Now I must visit another person in the town.'
'Go, my dear boy. And God protect your wife.'
'His wife!' said Caderousse. 'She isn't his wife yet. Mercedes is
a fine girl, and fine girls have plenty of young men. But, you will
be captain of the Pharaoh, so—'
'My opinion of women — and of Mercedes — is better than
yours,' Dantes said. 'I know that she will always love me.'
Edmond left the house, and Caderousse joined Danglars. The
seaman was waiting for him at the corner.
'He isn't captain yet,' said Danglars quietly. 'We can stop
him. Let's go. We will stop at "La Reserve" and drink a glass of
wine there.'
'Right, then,' Caderousse said. 'But you must pay for the

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