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Polysemy and homonymy.

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default Polysemy and homonymy.

Post by anya on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:25 pm

Polysemy and homonymy.
Polysemy is the co-existence of various senses in the semantic structure of a word.
Homonymy is the accidental coincidence of the sound-form of 2 or more words having different meanings.
Homonyms are classified according to the type of coincidence into:
- homophones
- homographs
- perfect homonyms coincide both in spelling and in pronunciation.
Homonyms can be
- full - coincide in all forms (seal — тюлень, клеймо)
- partial

- lexical — deffer only in lexical meaning (seal).
- lexical-grammatical (to see — sea).
- grammatical (read).

Sources of homonymy:
Phonetic changes (to see used to be seon, sea used to be pronounced сэ).
Borrowings (race-раса-French; race-скачки-Scandinavian).
Shorter names (fan)

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